Community Sponsorships

Please note: Thank you for your interest in the Saint Francis community sponsorship program. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to the very important work that you are doing. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your request at this time. With current changes in healthcare and reimbursement rates, hospitals across the country continue to feel financial pressure while at the same time committed to providing quality care to the community it serves. Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is an organization committed to its mission and core values and continues to be supportive of the community. Saint Francis is also a not-for-profit organization such as yours. We understand the value and importance of the work being done by organizations like your organization. At this time, we need to focus our resources on delivering care and we will not be able to support organizations like we have done in the past at this time. We thank you for your interest in Saint Francis and we wish you the very best in accomplishing your goals. We encourage you to continue to check our website and the community sponsorship site for continued updates regarding our support of community sponsorships.