A Diverse Workplace

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is committed to improving and enriching the lives of individuals and families in our region. Compassionate care, superior technology and prevention-oriented education will combine in centers of clinical excellence. Dedication to our founding core values will create a spiritual and healing environment.

Our Mission 

We, Trinity Health, serve together in the spirit of the Gospel as a compassionate and transforming healing presence within our communities.

Our Core Values 

We honor the sacredness and dignity of every person.

Commitment to Those Who are Poor
We stand with and serve those who are poor, especially those most vulnerable.

We foster right relationships to promote the common good, including sustainability of Earth.

We honor our heritage and hold ourselves accountable for the human, financial and natural resources entrusted to our care.

We are faithful to who we say we are.

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is a health care ministry of Trinity Health's Catholic Health Ministries. 

A diverse workforce is at the heart of the mission and core values that define Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center. Located in Hartford, Ct., a multicultural city in one of the nation’s most affluent states, the hospital is at the confluence of the racial, ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, educational, gender, age and countless other differences that define our community. We celebrate these differences and believe that our hospital is strengthened by the diversity of ideas, approaches and values that only a diverse workforce can provide.
To this end, our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is woven into every level of our organization from senior leadership to incoming employees. Building a workforce that is truly reflective of our community will take time. Under the leadership of Christopher M. Dadlez, our president and CEO, the hospital has taken the first steps toward building a workplace that recognizes that our differences foster our strengths. They include:

  Employee Diversity small 
Number of Employees: 4,932 
  • Leadership Development: Under the guidance of an experienced cross-cultural consulting firm, senior leaders are engaging in crucial conversations designed to incorporate diversity as a priority of everyday business, equal in importance with providing the highest quality patient care and safeguarding the hospital’s financial future.
  • Workforce Development: In addition to renewing our commitment to build a diverse workforce when hiring, the hospital is working on a plan to provide advancement opportunities for current employees through training and mentoring.
  • Enriching Employee Experience: Programs are being developed to raise employee awareness about the richness of their own diversity that they bring to their work at Saint Francis.
  • A Culture of Inclusion, Right from the Start: The curriculum for our daylong new employee orientation has been restructured to emphasize core values of respect and appreciating differences. A module on cross-cultural sensitivity has been added to the syllabus.

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