Learn about Health Equity

As part of our commitment to promote diversity and health equity within our hospital and our community, Saint Francis is engaging our leaders in crucial conversations about the value and benefit of this initiative. As we embark on this journey, it is important that our thought leaders have access to the latest and most reliable research and information related to health disparities. To this end, we will periodically use this space to introduce articles and information that seek to unravel the causes of healthcare inequities and highlight innovative projects  that show promise to improve the quality of healthcare for everybody. The works presented are only a small sample of the wealth of information available on this topic. We encourage members of the Saint Francis family to learn as much as possible, because only through understanding and knowledge can we begin to level the healthcare playing field.   


Disparity Solutions Center logoThe following articles are provided courtesy of The Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Improving Quality and Achieving Equity: A Guide for Hospital Leaders: Chapter 1: Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health Care

"The Institute of Medicine Report Unequal Treatment found that even with the same insurance and socioeconomic status, and when comorbidities, stage of presentation and other confounders are controlled for, minorities often receive a lower quality of health care than do their white counterparts. Read more... 

Improving Quality and Achieving Equity: A Guide for Hospital Leaders: Chapter 2: Why Should You Care?

"Addressing disparities is no longer just a moral or ethical imperative – it has now taken on greater importance with significant bottom line implications, and has been acknowledged by Joint Commission and the National Quality Forum as an essential component of quality of care, and as part of community benefit principles. We now present several major “cases” for addressing disparities and achieving equity that are of critical importance to hospital leaders." Read more...