Comprehensive Women's Health Center

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Proceed to the hospital (Click here for directions). Then choose one of the following:  

  1. Use Valet Parking:

    When standing before the main Woodland Street entrance to the hospital, the Comprehensive Women's Health Center (CWHC) lies to your left on the corner of Collins Street and Woodland Street. See the sign that reads Comprehensive Women's Health Center on the front of the building. A Valet sign usually marks the end of the CWHC driveway. Turn in to the driveway and allow a valet to park your car for you.

  2. Use Saint Francis Visitor Parking:

    Find the entrance to Saint Francis Visitor Parking to the right of the main Woodland Street entrance to the hospital. You may also find another entrance by turning from Woodland Street onto Collins Street. The Parking Garage entrance will appear on your right.

    Park in the garage and enter the hospital on the 1st or 2nd level. Proceed to the 2nd floor Information Desk in the Blue Zone. Make a right and proceed down the corridor to the Green Zone. After the green elevators, take a left to the entrance of the Comprehensive Women’s Health Center. Look for Pink Elevators sign. Take the Pink elevators to the 1st floor.