Patient Drop-off and Pick-up Zone

Patient Drop-off and Pick-up: Easy as 1-2-3...

Drop-off PIck-up Map 

For the convenience of patients arriving and leaving the hospital, an express patient Pick-Up / Drop-Off Zone is available on the first floor of the Collins Parking Garage. Parking is free for the first half-hour.



When dropping off a patient, please follow signs for "Valet Parking" and "Patient Pick-up / Drop-off.'' Keep right to drop off or pick up the patient closest to the first-floor garage entrance to the hospital.



After drop-off, drivers who plan to meet the patient inside the hospital should follow "Parking" signs and find a spot anyplace in the Collins Street Garage.



Upon discharge, patients should wait for pick-up inside the hospital near the first-floor entrance to the Collins Garage. To have their parking fees waived and their parking ticket validated, drivers may bring their parking ticket and the patient's discharge papers to the first-floor security station between 8 am and 4 pm, or to the second-floor security station after 4 pm. Afterward, they may retrieve their cars and return to the first-floor Pick-Up / Drop-Off Zone to pick up the patient. Drivers must present the validated parking ticket at the garage exit for free parking.