Services for Families, Children and Professionals

Family Advocacy 

Family AdvocacyThe family advocate meets with parents to determine what  services are needed to promote healthy family development. The services available include provision of basic information regarding child abuse and the investigative process, group education and support activities, access to outside resources, referrals to mental health services in the community or interim counseling services at the center. 

Medical Evaluation

Medical examChildren are examined by experienced health care professionals to ensure good physical health, to identify signs of physical and sexual abuse and to reassure children and families regarding medical status. This evaluation includes assessments for sexually transmitted diseases.  The examination is done using special microscopes and cameras so it is not painful and is minimally invasive.

Individual Therapy 

Individual therapyThe Individual Therapy Program introduces some brief techniques children can use to deal with the trauma of abuse. These techniques can help children understand what has happened to them, understand their feelings associated with the abuse, and reduce trauma in their lives. Evidence-based, trauma-focused treatment models are utilized by this program. Referrals can be made by DCF and staff from the Children’s Advocacy Center. A licensed behavioral health therapist will meet with the child to determine the need for treatment and assess the severity of the crisis. The therapist works closely with the parents, family and/or guardians to ensure a successful outcome for the child. Learn more... 

Frequently Asked Questions about Therapy (FAQs) 

Multigenerational Family Therapy

The Multigenerational Sexual Abuse Family Therapy Program provides long- term treatment to families who have experienced sexual abuse in more than one generation. This intensive program is staffed by culturally competent and bilingual, masters’ and doctoral level therapists who have extensive knowledge and training in the area of sexual abuse and are experienced in providing treatment to families. The goal of the program is to facilitate a healthy healing/recovery process that will break the cycle of sexual abuse and protect the safety of future generations.