About Our Services

Hoffman Heart and Vascular Institute was the first in the region to offer a dedicated inpatient heart failure unit. Our comprehensive heart failure program is designed to coordinate the care of the inpatient and outpatient heart failure services. This allows us to maximize our treatment and offer state-of-the-art therapies to patients with all stages of heart failure. Our affiliation with Massachusetts General Hospital provides our patients with the most comprehensive approach to end-stage heart failure in the region.

Disease Management  

Our heart failure disease management program is an outpatient program designed to provide our patients with an extra resource to help manage heart failure treatment. Using best practices and clinical guidelines, our disease manager coordinates the care of our patients through the course of their disease, providing information and tools to help patients effectively manage their condition.

Ultimately, the goal of our disease management program is to improve the health and quality of life for people with heart failure by connecting them to additional resources, by educating them about managing their disease, and by reducing unnecessary hospitalizations.

Our heart failure disease management program provides:  

  • Medication management.
  • Ongoing assessment and tools to increase compliance with your plan of care.
  • Education on many topics to help you better manage your disease and to improve your quality of life.
  • Contact with additional services, such as home care, nutrition, social services, cardiac rehab and palliative care, when needed.

We provide patient and family education on such topics as: 

  • What is heart failure?
  • Dietary counseling and compliance
  • Exercise and lifestyle management
  • Medication management
  • Symptoms of worsening heart failure
  • When to notify your healthcare provider

Inpatient Collaboration  

Hoffman Heart and Vascular Institute is proud have been the first in New England to offer a dedicated Heart Failure Inpatient/Outpatient Coordinated Care unit. The Congestive Heart Failure floor is a 20 bed unit specifically equipped and staffed to provide specialized care for patients experiencing all stages and types of heart failure. We offer some of the most cutting edge therapies used to treat heart failure including ultrafiltration, which is a mechanical method of fluid removal. We hold multidisciplinary rounds daily in order to provide a holistic approach to the medical, physical and emotional needs of our patients and their families. The Heart Failure service is committed to providing high quality care for all of our patients.

Case Management 

The case management team is comprised of Registered Nurses and Social Workers who provide:

  • Emotional support and counseling
  • Assistance with home care referrals and therapies

Cardiac Rehabilitation 

The goal of the Cardiac Rehab program is to improve skeletal muscle strength and endurance for patients with heart failure. Patients admitted into the program will receive a prescribed regimen of exercise which includes both home exercise and a formal class. For more information about the Cardiac Rehab Program at the Hoffman Heart and Vascular Institute, click on this link.

Home Management 

Home Management Services include:

  • Home assessment and evaluation.
  • Monitoring your plan of care and treatment.
  • Delivery of IV medications, when needed.
  • Education and encouragement.
  • Regular patient updates to your referring physician.

Physician Services  

In order to ensure compliance with care and to promote better health outcomes, our Heart Failure Team will work together with your primary care physician on:

  • The assessment of circulatory/volume status of heart failure patients.
  • Medication review and optimization.
  • Initiation and titration of drug therapy.
  • Managing patients with cardiomyopathy and diastolic dysfunction.
  • Treatment monitoring, including home evaluations.
  • Exercise evaluations and referral to cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Opportunity for clinical trials.