Lead Treatment Center and Healthy Homes

Families dealing with lead poisoned children require evaluations and assistance involving healthcare providers, government agencies, developmental specialties and landlords/homeowners. To provide multidisciplinary care to lead poisoned children and their families, the Hartford Regional Lead Treatment Center was established in 1995 through a grant from the Hartford Foundations for Public Giving "Brighter Futures" initiative and is administered by the Center for Children’s Health and Development.

Childhood lead poisoning is one of the most common and preventable environmental health problem today. The leading cause of childhood lead poisoning is lead-based paint and its dust. Urban children are most likely to be at risk because lead paint was commonly used during construction of buildings in the nation's cities in the early 1900s, but lead poisoning spans all socioeconomic, geographic, racial and ethnic groups. Children are most susceptible to lead’s effects because their neurological system is still in developmental stages.

The center maintains clinics at Saint Francis’ Pediatric Primary Care Center and the Connecticut Children's Medical Center. Initial patient evaluations include verification of lead levels and health, developmental, behavioral and environmental assessments. Each family is assigned to a community outreach worker who helps coordinate services, referrals to physicians and treatment. Outreach staff help determine the source of lead and educate family and community members through home visits. The center also is a consultation source for area physicians.

Lead Safe Homes were established by Saint Francis in collaboration with the Connecticut Citizen Research Group. Located at 115 and 117 Sigourney St. in Hartford, these apartments provide temporary housing for families with children who have lead poisoning. A total of five apartments are available for stays of up to 80 days while families have their own homes lead abated or obtain new housing.

For more information and consultations call: The Hartford Regional Lead Treatment Center at 860-714-4792.

Healthy Homes

The Healthy Homes program employs the model established to help lead poisoned children and extends this model to environmental aspects of asthma and injury prevention, utilizing outreach and medical staff. The healthy homes program assists families of children with asthma through education, environmental remediation or relocation, if necessary. Staff provides in home education on household injury prevention. Funding sources include the Environmental Protection Agency and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. For more information on the Healthy Homes Program, call 860-714-4792.