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More is known about cancer today than ever before. Miracles of modern medicine have enabled oncologists to target some cancers at their cellular - and even molecular - level, attacking the disease where it is most vulnerable. As a result, patients benefit from new, more comfortable treatment options and better pain management. Certainly each patient's situation is unique, but the treatment possibilities and reasons to be hopeful have never been greater.

Despite constant progress in the fight against cancer, it remains America's second leading cause of death*.

That is why Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center didn't think it was enough to create a cancer program. In 1994, we dedicated a Center, The Saint Francis/ Mount Sinai Regional Cancer Center, devoted to serving our region's cancer treatment needs.

Today, the Saint Francis/Mount Sinai Regional Cancer Center is staffed with some of the most distinguished cancer care specialists - physicians who have developed nationally recognized treatment techniques and pioneered clinical trials in search of new cures. It is also one of the most progressive outpatient cancer treatment facilities in New England. We provide the latest technology and most comprehensive range of treatment alternatives in the region. More than 1,500 patients and their family members depend on the Center every year.
We're also an institution from which future promise comes: The Center has been designated as a Teaching Hospital Cancer Program by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. Fewer than one-fifth of all hospitals in the United States have achieved this distinction.

But all these achievements do not relieve us of our duty to keep moving forward. Plans are already underway to further revolutionize the way we approach cancer and to provide the newest and best care in the region.

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