One holistic approach to comfort the individual, many specialized services to combat the disease.

At the Saint Francis/Mount Sinai Regional Cancer Center, we don't treat cancer. We treat people with cancer. We are sensitive to the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of each patient. We realize that no one fights cancer alone, neither the patients nor the doctors. It takes a team effort, with the course of treatment as individualized as the person receiving it.

A Focus on the Individual

Because the immune system is greatly influenced by the mind, we're sensitive to the fact that making patients feel good actually helps them combat disease. That's why our patients are encouraged to take an active role in their treatment, acquiring the information and support services they need to reduce stress and regain a sense of control. To assist them, each patient receives the personal, dedicated attention of one specialist and one primary care nurse. Families, too, are encouraged to participate.

A Multidisciplinary Care Team

Care is provided to each patient by a care team. Physicians and care specialists work together, sharing their expertise and best-practice protocols to create patient-centered treatment plans. Each member of the team is not only a highly skilled cancer care specialist, but a compassionate caregiver committed to restoring people to good health.

A Healing Environment

We've carefully designed the entire Saint Francis/ Mount Sinai Regional Cancer Center facility to be easily accessible, with a comfortable, sophisticated, warm environment of caring that's conducive to healing.

Comprehensive Services

At the Center, we're staffed and equipped to provide virtually any cancer treatment protocol. The following is an overview of the comprehensive, multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services we bring to the Saint Francis community.