The Future of Cancer Treatment

Another of our progressive and aggressive initiatives is our plan for multidisciplinary treatment Services that are fully integrated into our areas of excellence. New programs would include:

High-dose Chemotherapy Service

This would be the first support center for highly vulnerable cancer patients - ones who require the most sophisticated and comprehensive care.

Limited Transplant Service

Patients would be able to receive transplantation of their own healthy blood components or stem cells.

Cellular Immunotherapy Service

This Service would support various treatment protocols, such as those for prostate, ovarian and gastrointestinal cancers.

Holistic Support Service

Bringing together the existing holistic services into one combined, coordinated program that features the complete spectrum of support: social services, psychology, pastoral care, rehabilitation services, job counseling, financial counseling, psychosomatic
medicine, patient advocacy, as well as complementary and alternative medicine.

This progressive approach is designed to take care of the whole patient, incorporating a strong spiritual orientation and new ideas about healing. The patients are treated not as "cases" but as unique individuals, with some reassuring options and
controls in their lives.