I think I may be allergic to Latex. What can you tell me to help me determine whether or not this is true?

  • A:
  • Do you have occupational exposure to latex, especially powdered gloves? Y/N Do you have spina bifida, genitourinary abnormalities, or cerebral palsy?Y/N Do you suffer from asthma, eczema of food allergies (particularly bananas, kiwi, chestnuts or avocado)? Y/N Do you have a history of multiple surgeries? Y/N

    B: Have you experienced a rash or dermatitis on contact with latex or rubber products? Y/N

    C: Have you experienced rash/wheezing/swelling/itching associated with dental exams, balloons, condoms, or rectal/vaginal exams? Y/N
If you answered yes to any part of question A and either B or C, you should notify your physician that Latex Precautions should be taken.