Family History of Breast Cancer

Avoiding a Breast Cancer Legacy

Your risk of breast cancer is higher if your mother, father, sister, or daughter had breast cancer. The risk is even higher if your family member had breast cancer before age 50. If other members of your mother's or father's family have had breast cancer or ovarian cancer, your risk may be higher.

At the Hoffman Breast Health Center at Saint Francis, we work closely with women to understand their individual risk and partner with them to help prevent breast cancer if possible, and to ensure that if cancer develops it is caught early, when it is easiest to treat.

Our experts offer:  

  • Risk assessment
  • Clinical breast examination
  • Mammograms with follow-up MRI or ultrasound
  • Strategies to help you reduce your risk
  • Referrals for genetic counseling
  • Annual preventive examinations

Call the Hoffman Breast Health Center at Saint Francis at (860) 714-6970 to schedule an appointment.