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Kathleen Noone
Kathleen Noone

The Saint Francis/Mount Sinai Regional Cancer Center was dedicated in 1993. It is a free-standing building that is connected to the main hospital by a walkway and bridge. It is a handsome two-story building, which has won many architectural awards. In its 45,000 square feet of clinical space, it houses Radiation Oncology on the first floor and Medical Oncology and Hematology on the second floor, along with support services such as a pharmacy, Phlebotomy, a laboratory for the Hematology and Coagulation Service, social work, nutrition counseling, genetic counseling, and the research office.

The Cancer Center is staffed by 13 physicians, including nine hematologists and medical oncologists and four radiation oncologists.

The first-floor Radiation Oncology department is equipped with two new linear accelerators, a CT scanning simulator, electron beam therapy, and high dose rate brachytherapy. Treatment technologies include 3-D external beam treatment planning; 3-D conformal external beam radiation treatment; and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, or IMRT. 

Dr Shumway CyberKnife 

Saint Francis was the first in the state to introduce the CyberKnife®, a remarkable non-surgical option for the treatment of prostate, lung, brain, stomach, and spinal cord tumors. Radiation oncology support staff includes 11 radiation therapists, 3 nurses, 3 dosimetrists and 3 physicists. 

On the second floor, Medical Oncology and Hematology occupy 29,000 square feet of clinical space with 16 examination rooms, 3 consultation rooms, and a combination of 35 private and semi-private treatment chairs/beds for long-term chemotherapy administration, short-term chemotherapy, transfusions, and other treatments. The second floor also includes a nursing station, a pharmacy in which chemotherapy treatments are prepared, the Clinical Anticoagulation Center, Surgical Oncology, Orthopedic Oncology, and physician and staff support rooms.

The outpatient clinic support staff consists of nurses, pharmacists, a social worker, a nutritionist, laboratory technicians, certified nursing assistants, research nurses, and office personnel.

The Cancer Center operates as an outpatient consultation and treatment center five days a week, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Many patients stay throughout the day for their treatment and receive the comprehensive services of a modern, day hospital. Patients who require inpatient care are admitted to the inpatient oncology service, the 8-1 Oncology Unit in the main hospital. This unit includes 23 beds, and two hospice suites for hospice therapy. Nurses, nursing assistants, and unit secretaries supply staffing and support. The unit provides the most modern equipment and nursing support, yet is designed to generate a warm atmosphere and the utmost comfort for the patient.

On weekends and holidays, when the Cancer Center is closed, outpatients are accommodated in a dedicated room on 8-1 for treatments such as transfusions and specialized drug injections.