Instructions and Information for our Patients Undergoing Radiation Treatments

While you undergo your radiation treatments, our team of highly trained medical professionals will be working together to make sure you receive the best care possible. Many of our patients feel little or no side effects from the radiation, and are able to continue their normal routines. You should not feel anything while you are in the treatment room receiving your radiation each day. Some patients do experience side effects as the treatments progress. Most of the side effects from the radiation are related to the area that is being treated.

One common symptom you may experience is fatigue, which might gradually develop around the third or fourth week of treatment. Since everyone is different, your level of fatigue may range from nothing to moderate. Sometimes the fatigue may not develop until after your treatments have completed. Usually it will resolve within one month of completing your radiation. Although many patients are able to maintain their normal activities and continue to work full time, you may need to reduce your schedule if the fatigue becomes a problem. Listen to your body, and if you become tired, take a nap or rest. You may find that going to bed extra early helps.

The links to the right explain some of the common side effects from the radiation, as well as what to do and what not to do during your radiation. They are arranged based on what part of the body or what type of tumor is being treated. Please keep in mind that the listed possible side effects do not occur in everyone. The list is a guide to help you understand what to expect. If you should have any questions or concerns during your radiation, please feel free to discuss them with your radiation oncology physician or nurse.