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Listen To Our Patients 
Comments from patients: 

"St Francis Hospital is to be commended for its very caring and professional staff." 

"I think St. Francis Cancer Center is excellent. The staff is fantastic and caring." 

"A very good “healing ”hospital." 

"I can only praise them, they always have my best interest at heart to help me!" 

"They took care of me like I was there Mom." 

"The people here couldn't be any nicer!" 

"Every one & thing is just great." 

"Excellent staff." 

"Wonderful staff." 

"2000 last treatment. I am a breast cancer survivor all thanks to St. Francis Cancer Center." 

"Staff excellent - care outstanding." 

"All members of St. Francis staff - doctors, nurses, aides all have been just great in providing care. My nurse is an incredibly special person - attentive to the demands of treatment, but also truly concerned about my personal well being during this stressful time. She deserves a gold star!" 

"I'm lucky to have such great care." 

"All the times I had to be at St. Francis, the care was excellent. I wouldn't go anywhere else." 

"I continue to be impressed with the people and services at St. Francis. Every team member embodies qualities that help the patient's comfort." 

"Couldn't get better care!/" 

"My radiation team is wonderful. They are efficient and professional; warm and caring. They have helped to make this process comfortable." 

"Staff Marvelous." 

"The staff have their routine down to a fine science!! Absolutely great." 

"The 3 women who take care of my grandma are very good, so friendly & nice. Respectful and caring." 

"Hugs from staff. Lunch if treatment extends through lunch hr.cold/hot drinks if allowed. Staff very attentive during chemo treatment." 

"I was treated like family. All staff very professional and caring. The staff is also well schooled & very consideration and they make it all so comfortable. A job well done." 

"Excellent service, and care." 

"My chemo nurse_____ has been terrific. Questions have been addressed quickly and professionally." 

"Outstanding staff." 

"My nurse during chemo is ____. She is kind, informative, answers my questions with respect and concern and constantly checks to make sure I'm OK." 

"________ is exceptional, every aide is absolutely wonderful. They have made an unpleasant experience more bearable and comfortable nurse _____also great." 

"Staff was friendly, knowledgeable, sympathetic, concerned."