Social Worker Services

One of the members of your treatment team is the oncology social worker, whose role is two-fold:

  • Provide emotional support to you and your family
  • Serve as a resource to assist with practical issues, such as insurance coverage and finding community resources

The diagnosis of cancer and its treatment can strain one's financial picture, home life, work life, and emotional well-being. Social work services can help with guidance, support, and adjustment to these changes. Many find that counseling for the patient and/or family members can help address feelings that can range from fear, anxiety, and depression, to hope and determination.

In addition, we offer support groups at Saint Francis that are a great source of information, encouragement, and support. Many people find that by sharing their common experiences and feelings, they are better able to face their current challenges, and those that lie ahead. Click here to view our support groups.

To contact our social worker for questions or more information, please call
(860) 714-4731 or fax (860) 714-1775.