Henry Schneiderman, M.D.

Henry Schneiderman

Henry Schneiderman, M.D., is the Palliative Care Champion for Saint Francis Care. He graduated from Tufts School of Medicine in 1976, and is boarded in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. He has helped train more than a generation of practitioners in this community, emphasizing skills and philosophy of care that he practices: getting to know each patient and family very well; examining patients with care and respect; learning the patient's values; and forming a plan of care that incorporates shared goals of care and respects the patient's right to choose what is and is not acceptable.

Dr. Schneiderman emphasizes that the control of symptoms - palliative care - extends way beyond the familiar issues of pain and nausea, is vital to curative treatment for serious diseases, and is valuable in many situations that are not as dire as the better-known end-of-life Hospice settings. He believes passionately that the patient who is helped with suffering in both body and spirit possesses a much greater capacity to fight illness, whether the illness is serious or lesser, temporary or ongoing, curable or fatal. Dr. Schneiderman’s enthusiastic teamwork led to his being named Nurse Practitioner Advocate of the Year for Connecticut in 2014.