About Us

When is Palliative Care Appropriate?

Some of our patients recover fully after a serious illness or injury.  Others eventually choose hospice care.  Some patients may also live with chronic debilitating illnesses.  Even when there are no more curative options, we can surround the patient and family with “intensive caring”, helping them to find hope, dignity and meaning.  We welcome patients and family members who are facing serious and life-threatening illness, regardless of diagnosis or ability to pay.  People often think of palliative care for cancer patients, but we can also help people with heart or lung disease, dementia, and many other problems. Our core team consists of a physician, advance practice nurses, and a social worker. We work closely with the patient’s  physicians, nurses, chaplains, pharmacists and the integrative medicine team to provide symptom relief, counseling, emotional and spiritual support and help with planning after discharge from the hospital. 

Any physician or healthcare provider can request a palliative care consultation.  Patients and families can also request input from palliative care.

Our Vision

Inspired by our mission and core values, the Palliative Care service is committed to caring for persons affected by life-threatening illness through the relief of suffering of body, spirit and mind.

We are committed to:

  • Utilizing best clinical practices in interdisciplinary care
  • Supporting scientific research focused on life-threatening illnesses
  • Educating, training and collaborating with other medical professionals
  • Advocating for patients and families throughout the continuum of care