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Pelvic Floor Disorders (daVinci)

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Treatment options

For many women, changes in diet, weight control, exercise and other lifestyle changes can control the symptoms. For more severe cases, surgery might be needed.  In the past, surgery has been complicated, requiring a six- to 12-inch incision and a long, sometimes uncomfortable recovery. Robotic surgery with daVinci has changed that.  With daVinci many pelvic floor conditions can be repaired through three dime-sized incisions and require only one overnight stay in the hospital. In cases where a woman might require a vaginal or uterine and a rectal repair, our gynecologic and rectal surgeons might team up to perform both procedures in a single session. Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is the only hospital in the region to offer this type of repair for rectal prolapse.

 Pelvic floor disorders 
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  Learn more about pelvic floor disorders...