Gastric Band Procedure

The REALIZE adjustable band is a new, innovative gastric band. The REALIZE gastric band is a result of modifications made to the Swedish band which has been extensively used worldwide in gastric band procedures for the last two decades.

Gastric bands are devices that are surgically implanted around the stomach to help patients with morbid obesity lose weight and simultaneously improve health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and high cholesterol, conditions associated with morbid obesity.

Compared to other types of gastric bands, the REALIZE gastric band is a low-pressure band which places less pressure on the tissue surrounding the stomach. It also has a wider cuff that may reduce the incidence of band slippage, a known complication of gastric band procedures, while providing more comfort for the patient.

In the gastric band procedure, the stomach and the small intestine are not cut. Normal anatomy remains intact. Weight loss is achieved by limiting the amount of food and calories consumed. In contrast to the gastric bypass procedure, gastric band procedure does not affect calorie absorption.

The Bariatric Center at Saint Francis is the only bariatric program in the Hartford area that is authorized to offer the REALIZE gastric band.

Gastric Band Bypass
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