Gynecology Service

gynecology The gynecological service is state of the art. A dedicated full time faculty member is assigned to be the in house attending for the week. This allows for easy booking of resident surgical cases, teaching on all in house patients, supervised transfer of care and frequent discussion of topics of interest.

gynecology Resident experience in operative gynecology is progressive. First year residents are primarily assigned to ambulatory gynecologic cases. First year residents also learn about post operative care and evaluating patients in the Emergency Department. A dedicated physicians assistant has proved invaluable in assisting junior residents in managing the gynecology service. Second year residents gain experience in more difficult ambulatory and in patient surgical cases. Third year residents receive surgical training in Urogynecology and Oncology. In addition, they gain experience in traditional open surgery as well as minimally invasive hysterectomy including robotic surgery. Fourth year residents participate in advanced minimally invasive surgery and are primarily responsible for organizing major surgery for patients from the Women’s Health Center.

gynecology Our department has a successful, well organized robotic surgery program. Second year residents participate in on line robotic training modules in addition to bedside assistance during cases. Second and third year residents participate in dry labs with the robot as well as state of the art robotic simulation. The latest DaVinci Si platform with teaching console allows accomplished residents to perform the case and easy access for the attending to assist in difficult aspects of the operation. Recently, residents have graduated with enough experience in minimally invasive robotic surgery to be granted robotic privileges in their new positions.