Maternal Fetal Medicine

Maternalfetalmedicine The Maternal Fetal Medicine Division at St Francis Hospital and Medical Center is comprised of 3 Board certified specialists. The MFM Division sees a wide variety of high risk pregnancies. Special services include antepartum testing, fetal echocardiography, amniocentesis , chorionic villous sampling and percutaneous umbilical blood sampling (PUBS). The division is also certified to perform first trimester screening for aneuploidy which incorporates nuchal translucency and serum markers.

The MFM division is highly committed to teaching. The perinatologists attend board rounds twice daily to oversee the delivery room. Consultations are obtained on high risk patients and antepartum patients admitted to the hospital. The MFM attendings are active in teaching obstetrical ultrasound to residents. Residents are expected to develop proficiency in amniotic fluid assessment, biophysical profiles, basic fetal anatomic surveys, placental location and multifetal pregnancy position determination.

Our perinatologists oversee obstetric case presentations at morning conference, high risk clinic, combined MFM-neonatal conference and obstetrical ultrasound review. Additionally, many residents have performed research projects in obstetrics mentored by the MFM attendings.