What Our Patients Say About Us


"Imagine facing major surgery for uterine cancer and a pancreatic tumor and not being afraid? Hard to imagine? Not when your doctor is Dr. James Frank, a wonderful person in green scrubs and an ever-present brown tweed jacket!"

"From the moment my daughter, Tracy, introduced me to Dr. Frank, I felt completely confident and secure. Dr. Frank had performed surgery on Tracy for a breast infection which had been plaguing her for almost a year. She, too, felt a sense of confidence in Dr. Frank, and after her surgery, a great deal of gratitude for his curing her. So when I was diagnosed, she immediately turned to Dr. Frank, and literally, within hours, I was in the office of Dr. Allan Mayer, a gynecological oncologist, who would do my uterine surgery. I am grateful for Dr. Frank for his recommendation of Dr. Mayer."

"My pancreatic surgery was a bit complicated; the tumor was rather rare. But Dr. Frank did an amazing job removing the tumor and immediately reassuring my family that I had come through the surgery very well."

"During my eight days of recovery at St. Francis Hospital, Dr. Frank was my "rock." I eagerly awaited his daily visits to my hospital room. He was always calm and caring and always supportive. He continues to keep me from worrying during my checkups every few months."

"I don't think I exaggerate when I say that Dr. James Frank has an aura about him, a wonderful charisma that is rivaled only by his incredible surgical talent. How lucky I am to be his patient."

Barbara Gordon 

“I am writing to extend the most gracious thanks of my family and me for the wonderfully skilled care extended to my brother after his accident in June. When he was brought to the Hospital you saw that he had broken ribs and that he had seriously obstructed heart arteries, even life-threatening. You then performed a quintuple heart bypass operation on the 81-year-old patient, and he is now recovering in New York State.”

Brother of Lima, N.Y. Patient 

“I want to commend the nursing staff. They were kind, helpful and efficient, especially Nurse Kemmarie who made my stay pleasant.”

Tolland Patient 

“I have been a patient at your hospital for two different surgeries. I was so completely impressed by the two ladies who visited me from Occupational Therapy. They have me a grabber, which I thought at first I would never use. I have been so grateful for the grabber. I don’t know how I would have survived without it. Kudos to Occupational Therapy, my greatest of thanks.”

Ashford Patient 

“I am currently finishing radiation therapy for prostate cancer at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center. Understandably, I was apprehensive walking into this facility. The staff was incredible. From day one I was made to feel completely at ease. It’s obvious they love their work.”

Newington Patient 

“To my dear Unit 2-2 friends:”

“I guess going to be a patient in a hospital will never be high on my list of things to do…BUT…

“If I have to, there is only one place for me to go.

“It is to head back to my Saint Francis family to be spoiled some more.

“You all are absolutely the most caring, best caregivers that God put on this earth. You not only spoiled me but you treated my wife so wonderfully. We will never forget the loving treatment we both received.

“We wish you all that is good.”

Glastonbury Patient 

“I recently had a total hip replacement performed at the Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute. Robert McAllister, M.D., was my surgeon. Obviously, any type of major surgery does cause some degree of consternation. The staff and professionals responsible for my treatment, from my 5 a.m. admission on that Tuesday through my discharge on Friday, were a totally caring group and made this a very easy experience.

“Dr. McAllister and his surgical team, including the anesthesiologist involved, were just great. I actually never awoke until I was in my room at 11 a.m. The nurses and certified nursing assistants were excellent and caring. The physical therapy team led by Sally Campbell was equally professional and caring. You should be very proud of CJRI and its truly professional approach. You can count on me as a spokesman for the Institute.”

Glastonbury Patient 

“I have just completed my prostate cancer radiation treatment. I have taken the liberty of sending this letter to let you know of the excellent and cordial care I received. The entire staff was very professional and efficient in the performance of their duties resulting in a relaxed and comfortable environment under a possibly stressful atmosphere.

“I found comfort in my many meetings with Bruce Kaplan, M.D., who spent considerable time answering my many questions, again allowing me to feel at ease. Dr. Kaplan is a gentleman and a knowledgeable member of your staff.”

Bristol Patient