Our Facilities


Town Commons simulated environments give therapists and patients the opportunity to approach the challenges that will be faced in the community. Town Commons includes a café and park bench area, supermarket checkout counter, train depot with arrival/departure display, water fountain, telephone, ATM, crosswalk with traffic signals and even a full-size automobile.

The Rehabilitation Hospital's state-of-the-art mini-bus means more than a day in the park; it's community-based therapy. Functionally based, treatment-oriented outings are an important part of getting patients ready to go home. The outings allow patients to practice maneuvering in crowded environments and to overcome barriers they may encounter outside the hospital. The mini-bus has room for as many as four individuals using wheelchairs and six ambulatory patients.


The 92-degree water in the Therapeutic Pool aids pain control and increases the elasticity of soft tissues. The buoyancy also aids muscle re-education and builds strength. The pool is an integral part of the hospital's outpatient community arthritis program.

The Mountain Laurel Room features modern therapy equipment to help patients reach their functional potential and is also used for community dining and special events.


Patients may spend time in the Transitional Living Apartment to learn ways of coping with challenges they may face at home. The apartment has a kitchen, bedroom, living area and residential bathroom.