Robotics is aiding patient therapy at the Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital located on Saint Francis Care’s north campus. “Our mission is both patient care and research,” explains Robert Krug, M.D., Mount Sinai’s Medical Director and System Director of Rehabilitation Medicine for Saint Francis Care.

Dr. Krug notes that both physiatrists (physicians who specialize in rehabilitation) and neurologists collaborate actively in the technologically driven environment, providing state-of-the-art care and contributing to scientific knowledge.

On the horizon for Mount Sinai researchers is their participation in a national multicenter trial of the WalkAide®, an electrical stimulator splint that can be compared to a traditional ankle-foot orthotic.

“It can be programmed to elevate your ankle so you don’t drop your toes and trip,” explains Dr. Krug, who will serve as a lead investigator in the trial, which will include other prestigious institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic.