Anklebot - How It Works

How it Works 

The Anklebot is programmable to allow guided movements to help patients complete a step. It also combines resistance straps, including an easy tracking mechanism to assist doctors and therapists in making clinical assessments and to aid in evaluating a patient's progress.

The Anklebot fits around the leg in a brace to improve the flexibility and stability of a paralyzed ankle by manipulating the leg. The Anklebot improves balance and helps to prevent falls that are common when stroke patients are left with limited mobility.

A video screen prompts the Anklebot's user to perform an exercise. If the patient cannot perform the function, the robot moves the limb. If the patient then starts to gain control of the limb, the robot will adjust its levels of guidance and assistance to the patient.

Research using the Anklebot will continue at the Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital until (length of time). For more information, please call 1-877-STFRANCIS.