Lynsy Edgerton

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1. What is your Name, current position, Title, and work place?  
Lynsy Edgerton BS, RCS, Cardiac Sonographer, Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center
2. What was your background before you entered the program?  
I went to Springfield College (Springfield, MA) majoring in Rehabilitation and Disability studies and minoring in Nutrition. I focused on the medical rehab wanting to focus on Cardiac Rehab. I did an internship in Cardiac Rehab at Cooley Dickinson where I was able to explore the other aspects of cardiology. I was exposed to echocardiography during my internship and decided to pursue it as a career.
3. How did the program prepare you to work in the field of cardiac ultrasound?  
The program is amazing. I learned more things in a year than I ever thought I could. I have confidence in my skills and knowledge, and know that I have resources at the tips of my fingers when I don't know the answer. I am able to directly see the knowledge base from the program gives the physicians I work with confidence in me. I am regularly asked to come in and go over studies with physicians and they don't hesitate to ask my opinion. I have great pride in myself and my career and a big part of that is because I was confident when I left the program that I had a solid base to start.