Deborah Fox

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1. What is your Name, current position, Title, and work place?  
Deborah Fox RDCS, Cardiac Sonographer/Echocardiographer, Hartford Hospital Non-Invasive Cardiology/ Echocardiology Dept.
2. What was your background before you entered the program?  
Medical Educational Instructor
3. How did the program prepare you to work in the field of cardiac ultrasound?  
I believe that the support and training that I received from each and every instructor/mentor/Doctor, nurse, and fellow echo cardiographer was immeasurable. The clinical rotations to many Connecticut hospitals was a formative experience that exposed us to real life experiences and situations that we would encounter on the job. Examples including everything from the getting started phases of how to introduce your self to the patient and what kind of test that you are about to perform, to working the different ultrasound machines and the knobology of each piece of equipment, to actually performing an echo. The academic class time was wonderful as well. It started off with a basic skill sets and lecture, a lot of Q&A, and then worked its way up to a more comprehensive lecture and skill development. By the time you are ready to graduate from the program the combination of your academic and clinical skills have been mastered and perfected and you are able to perform a complete echocardiogram with confidence and expertise.