Bonnie Starsiak

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1. What is your Name, current position, Title, and work place?  
Bonnie Starsiak, cardiac sonographer, BS, RCS. UMASS Memorial, Worcester, MA
2. What was your background before you entered the program?  
BS in Exercise Science Westfield State University, 4 years experience in cardiac rehab, 1 year experience stress testing
3. How did the program prepare you to work in the field of cardiac ultrasound?  
Hoffman Heart School of Cardiac Ultrasound gave me the tools to become a skilled sonographer. This not only meant capturing images to the best of my ability but also taking those images and interpreting them entirely. We were taught that as sonographers we were not only responsible for taking quality images but also reading them to fully understand the patient, their symptoms, and be able to answer within the echocardiogram the questions the physicians need answers to. The classroom and clinical experience combined made me confident that I could work for any facility in the country and perform well.