Patrick Bishop

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1. What is your Name, current position, Title, and work place?  
My name is Patrick Bishop BS, RCS and I am currently a Registered Cardiac Sonographer at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Boston Ma.
2. What was your background before you entered the program?  
I entered the program with a Bachelors of Science degree in Sports Medicine
3. How did the program prepare you to work in the field of cardiac ultrasound?  
The Hoffman Heart and Vascular Institute of Cardiac Ultrasound at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center could possibly be the best cardiac ultrasound program in the country. The program director Richard Palma is a great educator who shares his contagious passion, desire, and knowledge every time he steps into the classroom. This class time is coupled with over 1,600 clinical hours with some of the most intelligent and skill sonographers in the North East. Every job interview I went on, the interviewing sonographers and cardiologists were taken back by how knowledgeable I was after attending a one year program. Needless to say I had no trouble finding a job immediately following graduation. The Hoffman Heart might be the only program in the country that requires its students to pass their national board exam before graduation. My classmates and I scored in the 90th percentile in the country! Attending the Hoffman Heart has given me what I needed to excel in, and soon lead the next generation into the ever evolving field of cardiac sonography.