here are many approaches to understanding psychology and spiritual life. The work of pastoral counseling relies heavily on the branch of psychology that honors blending sound clinical insight with meaningful forms of spirituality in everyday life. So our classes will most often reference examples or "case studies" (without specific reference to any particular name) to ground the counseling skills in practical ministry.

Dr. Carl Jung, the late Swiss psychologist, wrote prolifically in this area. Students are invited to become familiar with some of his work which lays a foundation to the ancient notion of "soul" - the very word which, in Greek, becomes "psyche". Dr. James Hillman and Thomas Moore bring modern insight to those notions referencing ways to look at everyday dilemmas in ways that honor needs of the soul.

Participants in our classes are encouraged to thoughtfully bring their spiritual and religious orientation and beliefs into the class to consider how they care for the soul with their unique traditions. Participants have remarkable backgrounds including non-ordained individuals who minister in remarkable settings: policemen, women's ministry coordinators, Sunday School teachers, cantors, beauticians, and social workers … the list goes on, creating a diversity unified by the common interest in caring for the soul in clinically sound and meaningful ways. Pastoral Counseling represents a way to gain confidence in how we are addressing the issues in peoples lives and, when necessary, to know where and when to refer people to behavioral health agencies and professionals.

Participants are introduced to important clinicians in their local community to whom they can rely when needed. Most in the faith community know that the person to person connection makes all the difference. You will become more comfortable making a referral when you actually know the clinician honors your role, your faith orientation, and your desire to work together.

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Director of Pastoral Counseling
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