EpiCare Request Forms

Epic No backAs a Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center affiliated provider, you are the heralds for your patients care. We are thankful you have elected to work with Saint Francis in providing care for your patients. In order to efficiently coordinate treatment we are proud to provide you with an EpiCare request portal where you can easily submit the following requests:

Request EpiCare Access
Request access to EpiCare for a staff member.

Please note that you will need to provide information such as the users Legal Name, Job Role, Credentials, License Numbers, and Expiration dates when submitting requests for Providers.

Other EpiCare Requests

Allergy Request.png Insurance Request.png Order Request.png Payor Plan Request.png 

 Pharmacy Request.png Referring Provider Request.png Report Request.png  


Use the button above to report a problem to the Help Desk using the Self-Service form or call the Help Desk at 860-714-5519.