The purpose of this medical staff is to collaborate with the hospital administration and board; striving for excellence in patient care and community health through patient advocacy, effective quality monitoring, peer review, credentialing and governance of the medical staff.

Table of Contents

  1. Governance 
  2. Collegial Resolution, Investigations, Corrective Action, Hearing and Appeal Plan  
  3. Credentials Procedures  
  4. Organization and Functions Manual  
  5. Peer Review
    1. Peer Review Policy
    2. Attachment A (Expectations of Attending Physicians)  
    3. Minutes Template (Peer Review Committee) Data Trends Council Charter  
    4. Medical Staff Quality Oversight Committee (MSQOC) Charter
    5. Medicine Multi-specialty Quality Committee (MSQC) Charter
    6. Surgery Multi-Specialty Quality Committee (MSQC) Charter
    7. Women and Children Multi-Specialty Quality Committee (MSQC) Charter