EpiCare Training

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Email service - EpicInbox
For questions regarding Epic training or other general Epic inquiries, submit your email question to epic@stfranciscare.org 

Phone Service - EpicLine
During regular business hours, call 860-714-7000

Videos: signing up for training step-by-step instructions:

Epic Physician Training 

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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1. Will there be web-based training?


2. Will there be classroom based training?


3. Which track do I take?

4. Is there anything more I need to knows about EpiCare training?

  • Post training practice scripts based on sub-specialty
  • Time is similar or shorter than other organizations
  • Need to complete EpiCare training to get username and password
    Similar to Epic customers

5. Where do we go for training?

19 rooms for training:

  • ED Conference room
  • Education building
  • Surgical Conference room
  • 95 Woodland
  • Bishop’s Corner (345 North Main Street, West Hartford)
  • Mount Sinai Campus
  • B-9, Patient Care Tower basement

6. Tell me more about training?

  • 3 classes per day: ~ 7am, 12-1pm and 5-6pm
  • ~4 hours duration for each class
  • Saturday classes

7. What are "Personalization Labs"?

  • Typically last 2 hours of classroom based training
  • Incorporates Dragon Speech Recognition
  • More personalization labs starting 3 weeks before go-live in Physician Lounge:
    • Ask questions
    • Advanced Dragon functionality
    • Personalize your templates
    • Get help in porting your Dictaphone templates to Epic
    • Modify some Epic screens for your specialty

8. If you have more questions, please contact: