Graduate Nurse Residency Program

The Graduate Nurse Residency Program is designed to promote a supportive transition from student to nurse for new graduates. Our program goals support the Nurse Resident to:

  • Transition successfully to a competent practitioner
  • Enhance the ability to provide quality, evidence-based care
  • Advance critical thinking ability
  • Improve skills in clinical decision-making
  • Develop a commitment to life-long learning
  • Become engaged as an entry-level nurse leader at Saint Francis
  • Develop a holistic approach in patient care

The program provides Nurse Residents with a positive first work experience in nursing by combining clinical experiences with a mixture of classroom presentations, computer based training, skill labs, simulated case scenarios, and peer group meetings. The program lasts 12 months, which includes a 12-week Core. Topics covered during the residency include:

  • Delegating appropriately
  • Communicating clearly, effectively and professionally
  • Prioritizing care and managing time
  • Using appropriate conflict resolution skills
  • Recognizing acute changes in patient condition
  • Using resources appropriately and effectively
  • Implementing best practices
  • Thinking critically
  • Setting professional goals
  • Mindfulness and self-care

The residency program is coordinated by a Clinical Nurse Educator who oversees the transition and development of each Nurse Resident during the first year in nursing at Saint Francis Hospital.

Download Graduate Nurse Residency Program Overview (.pdf)... 

Download Expectations of the Graduate Nurse Residency (.pdf)... 

To be considered for the Graduate Nurse Residency, nurses must...  

  • Have graduated from an accredited school of nursing within the last 6 months.
  • Be applying for the first formal work experience as a registered nurse.
  • Complete the Saint Francis online application form.
  • Submit a current resume outlining relevant clinical and work experience.
  • Attach a cover letter stating short-term and long-term goals for nursing career, reasons for interest in the Graduate Nurse Residency, and reasons for interest in working at Saint Francis.
  • Possess a valid Connecticut RN license by start date (if hired).

Saint Francis offers three residency cohorts each year, beginning in the months of February, October, and July. 

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