Post Graduate Year Two

Chief Resident

The second year, or chief resident, position is one that is reserved for those residents who show an interest in continuing their education within the hospital environment. The decision to stay on with us is one that is based on the mutual interest of the attending staff and the resident.
The goals of the second year as Chief Resident in the Department of Dentistry include:
1. Advance clinical skills and develop new skills beyond the PGY-1 year
2. Assume greater responsibility for managing more complex cases
3. Develop leadership and decision making skills
4. Assume limited teaching and administrative responsibilities related to the daily management of the residency program
5. Acquire a greater level of understanding for interdepartmental relationships, the table of organization and hospital administration
6. Participate in program development
7. Increase expertise in practice management, patient management and communication skills
8. Preparation for a career in a private or hospital based dental practice or specialty program


PGY-2 Rotation Schedule

Chief residents have the option of selecting from the following rotations:

Advanced Emergency Medicine Rotation  2 – 4 weeks
Oncology/Hematology     3 weeks
Radiation Oncology     1 week

The second year will be tailored to the specific professional interests of the individual as much as possible based on the specific resources available at Saint Francis.