Ancillary & Support Staff


Other Highlights

  • Level III NICU with physician assistants available in-house 24/7
  • Anesthesia in-house 24/7
  • State-of-the-art ICU/CCU
  • St. Francis is ranked as one of the Top100 Hospitals in the country
  • New Emergency Department and Operating Rooms currently under construction


Ancillary and support services at St. Francis Medical Center provide invaluable assistance enhancing patient care. The staff and services available are exceptional which allow the residents more time and energy to dedicate to patient care, surgery and educational activities.



Ancillary and support services include:

  • An in-house IV therapy team
  • Highly qualified, experienced Labor & Delivery Nurses
  • Dedicated unit and staff for antepartum patients
  • Dedicated post-surgical and postpartum units
  • Ultrasound sonographers specializing in OB/GYN
  • Genetic Counselers
  • High risk obstetrics nurse
  • Dedicated O.R. staff for robotic surgery


Kris Cosker, Resident Coordinator (upper left)
Liz Legassie, Maternal Fetal Medicine Secretary and Medical Student Coordinator (lower right)