Clinical Experience

The Gengras Podiatry Clinic continues to be one of the strengths of the residency program. Every Monday the clinic operates from 9am to 4pm and services the greater Hartford area. The clinic allows the residents to treat various podiatric conditions including flatfoot/cavus deformities, arthritic conditions, dermatological conditions, forefoot and rearfoot pathologies, Achilles tendon injuries, fractures and more.

The residents are able to gain knowledge in both conservative and surgical management of these conditions. Of particular note is that this is a resident-run clinic, therefore should a patient require surgery, the residents are able to work up the patients pre-operatively, select the appropriate surgical procedure for the patient, perform the operation with a senior attending and perform all follow up care for the patient post-operatively. Residents gain valuable comprehension in peri-operative management, and management of any and all complications.

In addition, the residents hold a wound care clinic at the Center for Advanced Wound Healing & Lymphedema (CAWHL) at St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center’s Mt. Sinai Campus every Thursday from 9am to 12pm. The CAWHL is one of New England's largest and most modern medical facilities dedicated to the treatment of patients with acute and chronic wounds and extremity swelling. This session allows the residents to treat a large number of diabetic wounds, ulcers, and infections. The residents continue to use the latest treatment options including various wound care products, Wound Vac therapy, skin graft substitutes, split-thickness skin grafts, antibiotic therapy as well as surgical management of wounds. Residents work under the guidance of Podiatric Surgeons with advanced training in the field of wound care and are qualified to graduate as Certified Wound Specialists (CWS).

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