Meetings, Lectures & Education


Cadaver workshops are held quarterly with additional workshops scheduled at various times throughout the year. Workshops cover topics including casting, ultrasound, biomechanics, sawbones, job search and practice management panels. These workshops familiarize the residents with proper surgical techniques and instrumentation. Residents gain valuable hands-on skills that they can then apply to their clinical and surgical experiences.

Journal Club 

Journal Club is held every third Wednesday of the month. Residents present recent literature to the attendings, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. A staff surgical attending moderates the monthly journal club and also generates article-related discussion among those at the meeting.

Monthly Meeting 

Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month and are attended by the greater Hartford County podiatrists. The meetings consist of a sponsored lecture dinner at a local restaurant to discuss department, hospital, and state podiatry issues. Following, there is also a lecture on various topics, by well-known authors and lecturers from all over the country, on different areas of podiatric medicine and surgery featuring emerging techniques and technologies.

Bi-weekly Board Review 

Residents attend bi-weekly board review sessions. In preparation for the various upcoming board examinations, including the PM lexis and the Forefoot and Rearfoot Reconstructive Surgical Boards, the residents prepare and present a power point lecture that generates discussion on the topics under the direction of a Podiatry Attending.

Bi-weekly Case Review 

Residents, under the guidance of a Podiatry Attending, discuss radiographs of interesting clinic cases as well as cases from the attending assigned to each session. This is designed to stimulate independent, critical thinking and to aide in the decision making process involved in choosing appropriate surgical procedures.


Monthly Morbidity and Mortality Rounds 

The first Thursday of every month, a resident presents a recent case that emphasizes quality improvement and patient safety. It is meant to address and identify ways to reduce the recurrence of medical and/or surgical error. This provides a means to understand factors contributing to an adverse event or near miss, to formulate a plan to improve, and to tract the impact of change made in practice. Nonjudgmental discussion among the residents and faculty staff at M&M allows participants to overcome their fear of accusation and criticism and focus on improvement.

Weekly “Grand Rounds” 

Thursday mornings, prior to the Wound Clinic, the residents meet in the office and “run the list.” This is a way for all of the residents to discuss the inpatient cases, treatment plans, and ultimate goals for the patient. Residents then round as a group on the inpatients. Faculty staff is invited weekly and attend as personal time allows.

Rhode Island Complications Seminar 

Each year the residents participate in case presentations at an ACFAS-sponsored conference in Providence, Rhode Island, that is attended by approximately 100 attendings and residents. All of the New England Residency programs gather to discuss interesting and complicated cases from the year.

Clinical Conferences 

Residents regularly attend yearly conferences throughout the country using their CME money. Conferences often include the ACFAS Ankle Arthroscopy course as well as the AAFAO trauma/fixation course.

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