Director, Podiatric Surgical Residency Program  

Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, DPM 

Dr. Gonzalez was appointed as the Residency Program Director in 2010. He provides an active, hands on approach in the education of residents, encompassing all facets of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. This includes inpatient care, emergency department call and serving as a clinical instructor at the outpatient podiatry surgery clinic and at the Center for Advanced Wound Healing. Dr. Gonzalez provides regular lectures to the residents and participates in many workshops throughout the academic year.

Chief, Section of Podiatric Surgery 

Eric Kosofsky, DPM 

Dr. Eric Kosofsky was appointed Chief of the Section of Podiatric Surgery, Department of Surgery in 2008. Dr Kosofsky also serves as the director of Outpatient Podiatry Clinics, UCONN Outpatient Services located at the Gengras Podiatric Surgical Clinic at Saint Francis Hospital. Dr. Kosofsky is very active in the education of the Residents at St. Francis Hospital, especially in the Podiatric Surgical clinics as well as the Center for Advanced Wound Healing, located at the North Campus of Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

Attending Staff 

One of the greatest assets of the St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center’s Podiatric Surgery Residency Program is the number of attendings actively involved in the Surgical and Clinical teaching aspect of the Program. This allows for a well-rounded education for the residents. Being able to understand multiple perspectives on assessing and managing patients gives the residents an opportunity to expand their skill set and knowledge base while at the same time developing their own ‘style’ in caring for patients.

A majority of our attendings participate in the workshops, monthly meetings and journal clubs, in addition to being available for call, inpatient and outpatient surgical cases.

  • Rachel Balloch, DPM
  • Donna Boccelli, DPM
  • Steven Buchbinder, DPM
  • Danielle Butto, DPM
  • E. Steven Damon, DPM
  • Brian Deschamps, DPM
  • Ryan Donegan, DPM
  • Richard Ehle, DPM
  • Gordon Fosdick, DPM
  • Gabriel Gambardella, DPM
  • Rafael Gonzalez, DPM
  • Richard Grayson, DPM
  • Thomas Johnson, DPM
  • Jeffrey Kahn, DPM
  • Craig Kaufman, DPM
  • Eric Kosofsky, DPM
  • Ayman Latif, DPM
  • Lynn LeBlanc, DPM
  • Marc Lederman, DPM
  • Robert Marra, DPM
  • Jeffrey Martone, DPM
  • Adam Mucinskas, DPM
  • Richard Reaback, DPM
  • Robert Rutstein, DPM
  • Kurt Rode, DPM
  • Elizabeth Romac-Karrenberg, DPM
  • Eric Thompson, DPM
  • Leo Veleas, DPM
  • Benedict Valentine, DPM
  • Laura Vander Poel, DPM
  • Brian Wagner, DPM
  • Kenneth Wichman, DPM
  • Kristen Winters, DPM