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Resources to support your ICD-10 transition preparation efforts

Coalition for ICD-10 

The Coalition for ICD-10 is a broad-based healthcare industry advocacy group, including— hospitals, health plans, hospital and physician office coding experts, vendors, and the health information technology (HIT) community— united in support of the U.S. adoption of the ICD-10 coding standard. The Coalition for ICD-10 promotes the critical importance of ICD-10 to improving quality measurement, public health surveillance, clinical research, and healthcare payment through research, education, advocacy, and mobilization.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

The CMS online guides, ICD-10 Resources Flyer,  Providers Resources and Road to 10: The Physician Practice's Route to ICD-10 explain the essential aspects of ICD-10 and offers steps and resources for preparing for October 1, 2015.

ICD-10 Resources Flyer 

 ICD-10 Basics

  • These basic resources include overviews of ICD-10 tailored by audience. 
  • The ICD-10 Transition: An Introduction
  • ICD-10 Basics for Medical Practices 
  • ICD-10 Basics for Small and Rural Practices
  • ICD-10 Basics for Payers 
  • The ICD-10 Transition: Focus on Non–Covered Entities

Communicating About ICD-10

  • Communication between health care providers, software vendors, clearinghouses, and billing services is an important part of the transition process. Learn how to get the conversation started with these resources: 
  • Talking to Your Vendors About ICD-10: Tips for Medical Practices
  • Questions to Ask Your Systems Vendors about ICD-10
  • The Role of Clearinghouses in ICD-10
  • Talking to Your Customers About ICD-10: Tips for Software Vendors

Providers Resources
CMS Medscape Education resources help providers prepare for ICD-10. Continuing medical education (CME) and nursing continuing education (CE) credits are available to health care professionals who complete the learning modules. Anyone can earn a certificate of completion. If you are a first-time visitor to Medscape, you will need to create a free account to access these resources.


Video: ICD-10: Getting From Here to There -- Navigating the Road Ahead
Video: ICD-10 and Clinical Documentation
Expert Column: Preparing for ICD-10: Now Is the Time 


Road to 10: The Physician Practice's Route to ICD-10
Explore the codes, primers for clinical documentation, clinical scenarios, and other resources dedicated to your specialty.
Choose from the following:
Family Practice
Internal Medicine
Other Specialty
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