Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation


It has become increasingly clear that the nation is at a crossroads in healthcare. Looking toward the future, we at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center have embraced a vision of healthcare that extends beyond the hospital walls. We see a role and responsibility to address the entire continuum of care - improving transitions from the community to the hospital and back to the community. As part of this effort, we worked with the University of Connecticut to create the Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation (CIPCI). CIPCI will be a resource for the region and the state and can become a national model for training and retaining primary care physicians for improvement in care through better research, coordination, and communication.

CIPCI's specific aims are to:

  1. Improve primary care education for medical students, residents, and other providers
  2. Increase retention of primary care trainees and providers
  3. Conduct groundbreaking research on the best ways to deliver primary care
  4. Provide service to the community of practicing primary care providers by helping them keep pace with change
  5. Develop collaborative relationships with groups that have an interest in co-designing and studying innovative approaches to delivering value in primary care

CIPCI’s work involves:

  • Advocating change through innovation
  • Leading dialogue that builds relationships and enables local and national networks to experiment and scale solutions
  • Young Primary Care PhysiciansBuilding and sharing expertise:
    • Primary care graduate medical education
    • Interprofessional training and team-based care
    • Clinical informatics
    • Healthcare delivery research
    • Implementation science
    • Community-based primary care relationships

CIPCI has built four sections to realize our specific aims:

  1. Education - Rebecca Andrews, MD and Jeri Hepworth, PhD (Section Leaders)
  2. Research - Senior Research Fellow Partnership - Gregory Makoul, PhD (Mentor)
  3. Clinical Informatics - Thomas Agresta, MD (Section Leader)
  4. Outreach - Adam Silverman, MD (Section Leader)