Lead Treatment Center

Healthy Homes Lead Safe HouseWelcome to the site for the Hartford Regional Lead Treatment Center! 

The Hartford Regional Lead Treatment Center was established in 1995 to assist families with children being treated for lead poisoning. For 15 years, we have assisted care providers, government agencies, developmental specialists and families in Hartford in eradicating childhood lead poisoning. We were founded through a grant from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving’s “Brighter Futures” initiative.

What We Do 

The Hartford Regional Lead Treatment Center provides a safe place for families with children going through lead treatment. We have 7 apartments located a few blocks from St. Francis hospital, where we host these families until they have a lead-free environment to return to. A team of social workers, doctors and advocates work with these families to provide care for their children and assist them in as many ways possible.

Our Clinics 

The center has two clinics—one at Saint Francis’ Pediatric Primary Care center and another at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. At these clinics, we evaluate children based on the lead levels contained in their blood, and provide developmental, behavioral and environmental analyses. The community outreach workers at the Lead Treatment Center help the family coordinate services, referrals to doctors and treatment. The outreach workers also assist in determining the source of lead in the child’s environment, and provide family education through home visits.

About the Apartments 

The apartments are located at 115 and 117 Sigourney St. All apartments are furnished and contain one, two or three bedrooms. Residents have a local access telephone, and are allowed to stay for up to 60 days, or 80 days after hospitalization.