Saint Francis Performs Connecticut’s First Quadripolar Pacemaker Implant

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New pacemaker provides physicians with advanced technology to better manage patients with heart failure  

 (Hartford, Conn.  May 19, 2014)– Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is the first facility in Connecticut to implant a pacemaker that has four pacing electrodes and 14 different program options to provide patients with weakened heart muscles improved ability to pump enough blood to The Allure Quadra™ RF CRT-P  from St. Jude Medical, the body’s demands.

The Allure Quadra RF Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemaker (CRT-P), manufactured by St. Jude Medical S.C., Inc., was recently introduced in March, 2014.

The state’s first implant was performed by Joseph Dell’Orfano. M.D., an electrophysiologist, for a 70-year-old man, during a two-hour procedure at the Hospital.

“This leading-edge device provides our physicians with greater ability to control synchronization for heart failure patients,” said Daniel Diver, M.D., Director Hoffman Heart and Vascular Institute at Saint Francis. “For our patients this can mean less discomfort and fewer complications. We are pleased to be the first in Connecticut to offer this innovative option for our patients.”

Approximately one in 10 patients who receive a traditional bipolar CRT system has complications that can require additional surgery in order to continue to provide effective therapy. The Allure Quadra RF CRT-P pacemaker provides physicians with a pre-emptive option to treat patients with this condition.

Traditional bipolar CRT pacemakers have two pacing electrodes, only allowing limited pacing options. The quadripolar lead features four pacing electrodes, offering up to 14 pacing configurations of the heart. Multiple pacing configurations provide physicians with more ways to pace around scar tissue in the heart and avoid common pacing complications without the need to surgically reposition the lead.

Heart failure (HF) occurs when a weakened heart muscle is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body’s demands, usually due to the heart’s inability to contract or relax properly. More than five million Americans have HF, with 670,000 new cases diagnosed each year.   CRT-P devices are implanted in patients with HF to help synchronize the heart to a healthy pumping rhythm.

“Saint Francis is among the top-rated hospitals in the country for cardiac care and the addition of this new device is another important treatment option that we can offer our patients,” said Dr. Dell’Orfano. “We continue to be at the forefront in providing the best care for our patients.”

The Allure Quadra RF CRT-P received CE Mark approval in March 2013. The Allure Quadra RF CRT-P was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March 2014.  

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