Saint Francis Brings Leading-Edge Arrhythmia Therapy to Connecticut Saint Francis One of Six Hospitals in the U.S. with this Technology

Hartford, CT - Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is the first hospital in Connecticut to install the Carto 3 RMT mapping system to treat complex cardiac arrhythmias. This system is combined with the Niobe Magnetic Navigation System® to create a three dimensional picture of the heart, allowing our physicians to safely and accurately treat complex cardiac arrhythmias.

Cardiac arrhythmia is a disruption of the heart's normal rhythm. Arrhythmias occurring on the left side of the heart are the most common irregular heart rhythms, affecting about 2.6 million people in the United States. People with this condition are five to seven times more likely to have a stroke than those who do not.

Our system allows physicians to treat cardiac arrhythmia with enhanced precision, efficiency and safety. The Carto 3 software drives powerful magnets positioned near the patient. The software highlights the diseased tissue inside the heart, and magnets guide the magnetic tip of a soft catheter gently along a prescribed route. This enables the physician to safely position the catheter and effectively deliver the required treatment.

"This is a big step forward in treating patients with cardiac arrhythmia," said Dr. Joseph Dell'Orfano, Electrphysiologist, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center. "Typically, cardiac ablations are performed manually, with a stiff catheter. By using a soft catheter with the Niobe Magnetic Navigation System, I am able to perform a more precise, less invasive procedure while reducing complications and exposure to harmful radiation," added Dell'Orfano. "The addition of the Carto 3 mapping system gives us incredible accuracy. We are able to see our catheters inside a virtual heart so we can know exactly where we are moving our catheters."

"At Saint Francis, we continually strive to be at the forefront of leading-edge technology. The addition of the Carto 3 RMT system in our Niobe Magnetic Lab helps us continue to deliver the most advanced care to our patients," said Christopher Dadlez, President and CEO of Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

Founded in 1897, Saint Francis is a major teaching hospital licensed for 617 acute inpatient beds and 65 bassinets and is the largest Catholic hospital in New England.