Program Goals

  • Pastoral Competence
    CPE helps the pastoral caregiver understand and integrate the disciplines of theology and the behavioral sciences. This includes a broad knowledge of religious practices and spiritual assessment, as well as the emotional and social dynamics of personal and interpersonal relationships.
  • Pastoral Reflection
    CPE assists pastoral caregivers identify spiritual and theological foundations of their pastoral ministry. Pastoral reflection is prompted by relationship with persons in crisis, peers, supervisor, and the hospital staff. The primary activity for this type of education has come to be know as the “clinical method of learning” or the “action – reflection – re-action” model.
  • Pastoral Formation
    CPE encourages participants to move toward a clearer understanding of their personal and pastoral identity – their gifts and graces for ministry. The CPE student will also explore a variety of appropriate responses and interventions within the context of his/her pastoral relationships.