Saint Francis Affiliated Post-Acute Care Network

Post-acute care services are resources offered to patients who will be discharged from the hospital but would benefit from additional medical, nursing, or rehabilitative care as they regain strength and mobility. These services can be provided in a variety of settings, including your home, and are specifically tailored to your healthcare goals.

In support of your continued recovery after discharge, your clinical team has recommended that you receive additional services in either a post-acute care facility, or at home through a home health agency. Saint Francis Care has created a network of affiliated post-acute care providers who are dedicated to supporting your individual healthcare needs as you transition back to health. You have the right to choose any post-acute care provider or home health agency for these services.

The Saint Francis Care team has collaborated with the affiliate provider teams to create specialized post-acute care programs within the facilities and home care agencies listed below. These programs are designed to offer patients a high level of quality care through disease-specific protocols developed by Saint Francis Care physicians. Affiliate nurses have received education on these protocols and have the knowledge to implement them into each patient’s plan of care. As you approach discharge from a post-acute care program, affiliate providers will work with your primary care physician to schedule follow-up care.

Click on the names of the provider facilities and home health agencies listed below to advance to their websites and learn more about them. If you’re interested in one of the network affiliates, we’ll refer you to the post-acute care liaison who will visit you before you are discharged from the hospital to provide you with more information about their programs.

Saint Francis Care and your physicians will facilitate your transition to the post-acute care facility or home care agency of your choice. The goal of the Saint Francis Care team is to coordinate your care so that your transition to post-acute care is organized and seamless.

Please contact your Saint Francis Care physician, nurse, or social worker to discuss your interest in post-acute care.

Long-Term Acute-Care Hospital 

Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility 

Skilled Nursing Facilities 

Home Health  

Post-acute affiliations developed in conjunction with Saint Francis HealthCare Partners and Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center have no financial relationship with any of the facilities listed, with the exception of Masonicare Partners and Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital.