Education and Training

Diversity & Inclusiveness Training

In partnership with the Hispanic Health Council and the CT Hospital Association, the Curtis D. Robinson Center offers Cross Cultural & Diversity Inclusiveness Training—a unique, comprehensive, and interactive program for improving cultural competence in the delivery of care. The Cross Cultural & Diversity Inclusiveness Training curriculum is structured as a two-module program, each session five hours in duration—delivered once each week over a two week period. Training content is based on current research that emphasizes the idea that cultural competence is not achieved through a single training event - but is a lifelong commitment to learning, and professional skills development.

Target Audience: includes clinical, operational, and administrative leaders and professional support staff throughout the organization. Please note: Class size is limited to 24 participants to facilitate active engagement of learners. Learn more... 

Clinical Pastoral Training

Saint Francis Academy for Clinical Pastoral Training offers programs that reflect the spiritual dimension of healing found in everyday ministry. Classes are open to anyone whose work or ministry would benefit from pastoral counseling skills. Lay people and clergy of all faith orientations are encouraged to attend. Services include consultants in medicine, behavioral health and ministry collaborating to offer a truly integrative model of studying and applying the heart of healing. Participants in our classes are exposed to important psychological theory and application. Certificates are awarded upon completion of our classes.

Navigation Training

Patient navigation is widely used in various healthcare settings to enhance service delivery and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. The patient navigation training is designed to prepare individuals to successfully help patients navigate through the healthcare system over the course of the continuum of health from illness to recovery and in the case of cancer diagnoses, survivorship. This training will prepare individuals act as a liaison between patients, their families, their healthcare team and serve as a guide and advocate. The training program also teaches skills essential to the safe and effective “navigation” of a patient across the care continuum, improved self-management of patient care, and enhanced patient-practitioner communication.

Students & Interns

Students and interns have played an integral role at the CDRCHE since the beginning. The opportunity to work with students and to learn from them is at the heart of our approach of reciprocal education and provides both staff and students with an opportunity for growth. Students have worked on projects that involve data collection; data entry; materials development; promotion of activities; crafting media messages; research and more. Due to the increased interest in health equity and public health among students our process now includes a pre-interview to “match” the goals of the student intern and the needs of the Center. Below is a listing of positions that have been filled in the past.

Paid Positions 

  • Diversity Intern- Ten week Internship beginning in May ending in July

Unpaid Positions 

  • Fall Intern- Three month period beginning in September ending in December
  • Continuing Careers Health Opportunity Program (HCOMP)- Two to six week program
  • Nursing Practicum - Central Connecticut State University - Four week program in Spring and Fall
  • Community Health Workers Internship - Capital Community College -Three-week program