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CT Cone Beam and Computer-Guided Surgery

 3D cone beam image 

CT Cone BeamWe are committed to utilizing new advances in dentistry. One advanced technology we use is CT cone beam scan and computer-guided surgery. This allows us to produce a three-dimensional image of a patient's jaw bone, making implant surgery more predictable. We can also use this technology to place multiple implants at one time, a technique that allows us to stabilize a loose denture.

digital x-rayDigital Radiography

At the Dental Center we use digital X-rays, reducing patient radiation exposure almost 90% compared to film. Digital X-ray images are clearer and more definitive than those on film. They can be viewed almost immediately, and they can be enlarged on the computer screen, helping patient and dentist view and discuss the significant details of each image.

Intra-Oral Photography

Intraoral PhotographyHave you ever wondered what your dentist sees in your mouth, or found it difficult to understand why a certain treatment was suggested? The intra-oral camera allows you to see what your dentist sees. Your dentist can use the photos it provides in discussions with you concerning your dental care.